WFP McGovern-Dole School Feeding Evaluations

WFP, Multi country

This was the mid-term evaluation (MTE) of three school feeding programmes implemented by WFP in Bangladesh, Lao PDR, and Nepal, funded by the McGovern-Dole (MGD) Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The MTEs covered a year to a year and a half period (depending on the country) from project start up to September 2016.

The MTE objective was to assess performance of programme interventions for purposes of accountability and learning.

The McGovern Dole funding is predominantly through in-kind support, with some cash support for administration and capacity building. Across the three countries, the overarching goals are the same:

a) to improve the literacy of school-age children and

b) to increase the use of health and dietary practice.

Through these wider educational and nutritional objectives, the MGD-funded programme also aims to provide support for various activities to raise community awareness and support the quality of education.

Four “foundational” results focusing on the enabling environment underpin the two main goals:

1) increased capacity of government institutions,

2) improved policy and regulatory framework,

3) increased government support,

4) increased engagement of local organisations and community groups

The evaluation employed a mixed-methods approach, combining desk review and analysis of documents and data with semi-structured interviews, focus groups and observations during field visits.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Lister

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant

Mike Adair, Rita Bhatia, Anne Bossuyt, Stephen Turner, Jane Keylock, Yadab Chapagain, Irada Gautam, Fran Girling, Iqbal Sobhan