Catherine Dom

Principal Consultant

Catherine Dom has over 25 years’ consultancy experience, mainly in Africa and South-East Asia. She specialises in public sector resource management, and sector and thematic policy development. Catherine has worked extensively on government service delivery management systems in decentralised and federal contexts. She has considerable experience in review and evaluation at multi-country and country levels. Her recent work has included a focus on ‘fragile states’. Much of her most recent work takes place in Mali and Ethiopia, after several years of regularly working in DR Congo and South Sudan. Catherine is also involved in research of long-term trajectories of change at village level. Recent assignments have included long-term involvement in the rollout of an innovative international initiative of support to PFM reform in fragile contexts in DR Congo, South Sudan and (ongoing) Mali; and political analysis-informed studies of government service delivery effectiveness in Ethiopia. Catherine speaks English, French and some Kiswahili.

Postgraduate Degree in Cooperation with Developing Countries, Free University of Brussels (1994)
MSc (Hons) Civil Engineering in Physics, University of Louvain-la-Neuve (1980)