Martin Tudge

Head of Business Operations

Martin Tudge is a development professional with over 25 years of experience spanning leadership, research, design, management, implementation, monitoring & evaluation (M&E) and learning. Appointed in 2024, Martin is responsible for leading the management of Mokoro’s consultancy and research portfolio. He has a significant track record of work with multilateral and bilateral institutions, NGOs, INGOs, UN bodies, the private sector, and local and national governments. He has worked in numerous mainly low and middle-income countries, across areas such as human rights, peacebuilding, humanitarian action, social policy and human development. Martin has spent time in West Africa, managing and delivering large-scale development projects. He has an academic background in environmental sciences and international development, with a passion for the just transition to net zero.

BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences & Development, University of Brighton (2002)