John Kruger

Principal Consultant

John Kruger is a seasoned consultant and researcher, focusing on the areas of social policy and public financial management/budgeting, and he is based in South Africa.  After teaching economics at the University of Port Elizabeth (now the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) and the University of Stellenbosch, he headed the social policy section in the South African National Treasury’s public finance unit and the financial and physical planning unit in the national Department of Education. He also worked on the education sector and fiscal strategy in the South African National Planning Commission Secretariat.

John’s portfolio of research and consulting work includes assignments on teacher policy and education budgets with Research in Socio-Economic Policy (Resep, based in the Stellenbosch University Economics department), work in early childhood development (ECD) and jobs for women with Ilifa LaBantwana (a South African ECD programme), and on social assistance policy for disability. His international work includes assessments on child policy, budgets and budget systems for children in Indonesia, Nigeria, Peru and Zimbabwe, and spanned the areas of early childhood development, social protection, nutrition and child marriage.

MA Economics, University of Stellenbosch (1984)