Gender and commercial pressures on land

International Land Coalition (ILC)

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Elizabeth Daley, undertook a study on the gendered impacts of commercial pressures on land (CPL). This study complements and supports the other thematic and paradigmatic studies and regional case studies within the overall ILC global study on CPL. The study primarily concentrated on the impacts on women, and made the case that women are disproportionately affected by CPL because they are generally vulnerable as a group, while recognising that women as a group are not homogeneous.

The study described and analysed the problems and issues for women raised by CPL and considered the policy implications of this for the ongoing international initiatives to provide a regulatory framework for investments in land and agriculture. It outlined what is needed to enable these regulatory initiatives to become an opportunity to enhance equitable access to resources for women.

The report considered impacts of CPL on women from a wide range of drivers including food and biofuel production, mining, timber extraction tourism, speculation and special economic zones. The consultant undertook an extensive review of available tangible evidence from other studies in the global CPL study, and made conclusions about potential impacts, issues and gaps to consider. The consultant worked with authors of these other studies to clarify issues and identify gaps that need to be addressed as well as  reviewing regional case studies prepared within the global study.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Elizabeth Daley

Principal Consultant