• 9 June 1998

Short summary of possible different futures on the land, land laws in Uganda and Tanzania, and the work of NGO land alliances.

  • 9 May 1998

Covers land grabbing, land titling, land reform, indigenous tenure systems, and NGO responses.

  • 9 October 1997

306 page literature survey of books, articles, theses, workshop and conference reports covering Southern and Eastern Africa, divided by country and by theme (land tenure, land reform, land and pastoralists, land and ...

  • 9 September 1997

Julian Quan works at NRI, but is also a part-time land tenure adviser to DFID. This short paper looks at redistributive reforms, customary tenure, land tenure reforms, a way forward for smallholder tenure, criteria ...

  • 9 November 1996

Divided into 4 sections: land policy in the context of political and economic reform (Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique); land redistribution (Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa); land tenure and title (Kenya); facilitating ...

  • 9 October 1995

Reviews recent experiences of land reform in the Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.