Tal Shalson

Research Assistant

Tal Shalson joined Mokoro as a Research Assistant in January 2021. His role is to support the assignment teams with desk studies, data collection and analysis, report writing and general administration. Tal has an academic background in international development with a focus on humanitarian interventions and complex emergencies. He studied the role of different models of disability in relation to humanitarian assistance and the experience of forced displacement for Syrian refugees in Jordan.  Tal also has experience in the international non-profit sector, having worked with various NGOs in Uganda, as well as a researcher for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). With the IOM he examined the agency’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), enabling him to develop a thorough understanding of global migration theory and patterns, including refugee and IDP movements. Tal has strong research skills, including qualitative and quantitative data collection, synthesis and analysis. Tal’s recent assignments with Mokoro include: supporting  the UNHCR and WFP Cluster Review, which seeks to distil lessons on how to ensure these lead agencies can adequately support the cluster in an evolving humanitarian context (2022); supporting the thematic evaluation of WFP’s Supply Chain Outcomes in the Food System in Eastern Africa from 2016 to 2021 (2022); and supporting the evaluation of Danida’s Multi-Bilateral Interventions which assess the increasing use of multi-bilateral contributions in Danish development assistance (2021-2022).

MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies, London School of Economics, UK (2020)
BA Geography, University of Manchester, UK (2019)