• 9 January 2000

Outlines purpose of the workshop, DFID’s wider goal, background, anticipated outcomes, assumptions, workshop process, DFID’s criteria for financial and technical support to network activities, checklist for ...

  • 9 January 2000

Covers workshop organization, the opening session, reports by consultants from East, West and Southern Africa, presentations by resource persons; group sessions, mission statement, closing remarks.

  • 9 January 2000

Brief statement containing purpose of the workshop, assessment of need, mission and objectives, thematic approach and activities, structure, membership and management, immediate next steps, forward planning, the ...

  • 9 September 1999

Paper draws lessons for Rwandan policy makers from land reform experiences in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, West Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia. Paper at the ...

  • 9 May 1999

2-page sheet covering overview of the debate, key issues in decision-making, tenure reform, redistributive land reform, key literature. Purpose is to provide decision-makers with an easy and up to date point of ...

  • 9 April 1999

List of NGOs and other organisations engaged in land issues in Southern and Eastern Africa.

  • 9 February 1999

This workshop brought together 75 delegates from governments, NGOs and research institutions and universities from all over Africa. Report covers consultation, process, legislation, tenure, titling, race in Southern ...

  • 9 January 1999

Work commissioned by Oxfam GB to learn lessons from the experiences of villagisation in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania to help policy makers in Rwanda, where villagisation is now official policy.

  • 9 June 1998

Short summary of possible different futures on the land, land laws in Uganda and Tanzania, and the work of NGO land alliances.

  • 9 May 1998

Covers land grabbing, land titling, land reform, indigenous tenure systems, and NGO responses.