Women’s land tenure security project (WOLTS)

Mokoro, Multi country

Mokoro is carrying out major multi-country strategic research in support of women’s land rights. The Women’s Land Tenure Security Project (WOLTS) has a 3-fold goal over 10 years to:

  1. Establish a stronger evidence base on the internal and external threats to women’s land tenure security in selected developing countries, especially in the context of large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs);
  2. Strengthen the capacity of communities, NGOs/CSOs and local governments to protect and secure women’s land rights in the face of these threats, contributing to a paradigm shift that sees gender equality and women’s rights mainstreamed within community land management, land tenure governance and land rights protection efforts worldwide; and
  3. See tangible improvements in women’s land tenure security in the communities and countries reached by the project, and wider sharing and dissemination of the lessons learned and tools developed for a greater and more lasting impact.

WOLTS is a practical action-oriented research project and is initially focusing on pastoralist communities in mineral-rich areas of Mongolia and Tanzania. The team have been carrying out a pilot study in four communities affected by mining investments, looking at the intersection of gender and land relations in different pastoralist contexts and developing a methodology for continuing community engagement.

Working with civil society partners, WOLTS investigates the state of women’s land tenure security in the selected communities through participatory fieldwork and identifies the main threats to women’s land rights. It assesses possible means to secure the land rights of women and vulnerable people from internal threats within communities, and to support communities as a whole to withstand external threats – seeking solutions to improve overall gender equity in local land tenure governance that are grounded in the research findings and which draw on international good practice. From this, the aim is to develop both generic and contextually-appropriate tools to increase the capacity of local people, partner organisations, and land tenure governance institutions and processes to contribute to tangible improvements in the land rights of women and vulnerable groups.

In Mongolia, Mokoro is pleased to be partnering with People Centered Conservation (PCC). PCC is a Mongolian NGO established in 2006, which aims to promote the protection of natural resources through support to the activities of local residents and civil society, with a strong commitment to addressing issues for gender equality and vulnerable groups. In Tanzania, Mokoro is pleased to be partnering with HakiMadini, a rights based organisation working to support small-scale miners and communities living around Tanzania’s mineral abundant areas since the late 1990s, with an established programme focused on gender and mining.

Following almost two years of rigorous research, involving multiple site visits to each of the four pilot communities and different research methods and techniques to triangulate and validate data, the WOLTS team have presented some of the findings from the research so far at a Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia, held in Ulaanbaatar in October 2017. Representatives from both of the study communities in Mongolia, as well as local and national government officials, civil society organisations, development partners and private sector representatives were present at the event, which was opened by Mr J. Batsaikhan, Head of Land Management at the Mongolian Agency of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography (ALAGaC). A Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Gender, Mining and Pastoralism in Tanzania will be held in November in Arusha.

WOLTS is led by Mokoro Principal Consultant, Dr. Elizabeth Daley, who is joined on the core team by Researcher, Zoe Driscoll, Research and Consultancies Assistant, Jim Grabham, and Mokoro Associate, Kristina Lanz. Mokoro Principal Consultants, Dr. Christopher Tanner and Dr. Stephen Turner, are providing quality support to the research, and the WOLTS team also includes Mokoro Associate, Roman Moges Asefaha.

To sign up to our WOLTS mailing list, please email zdriscoll@mokoro.co.uk

The people behind the project

Project leader: Elizabeth Daley

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