Women’s land tenure security project (WOLTS)

Mokoro, Multi country

WOLTS is Mokoro’s strategic and practical action-research project on gender and land.

For more than four years, WOLTS has been working with local partners People Centered Conservation (PCC) in Mongolia and HakiMadini in Tanzania, investigating the intersection of gender and land relations in different mining-affected pastoralist contexts, and developing a methodology for long-term community engagement and capacity building to protect and support the land rights of all vulnerable people.

Employing a range of rigorous participatory fieldwork approaches, with multiple site visits to validate and triangulate data, the WOLTS project aims to strengthen the evidence base, collaborate with local and national stakeholders to identify ways to secure land rights, and support communities to withstand threats to their land and natural resources through a contextually-appropriate programme of training community ‘champions’ on gender and land.

WOLTS is led by Mokoro Principal Consultant, Dr. Elizabeth Daley, who is joined on the Mokoro core team by Researchers Zoe Driscoll and Jim Grabham.


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WOLTS Team Perspectives: No.1 – ‘Seats of power – women’s land rights and chairs’ is available hereNo.2 – ‘How role-play changed two Maasai communities’ – is available here; and No.3 – ‘How Anna Letaiko got her land’ is available here. WOLTS Team Perspectives No.4 – ‘Young champions – hope for Mongolia’s herding traditions’ is available here.


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The people behind the project

Project leader: Elizabeth Daley

Principal Consultant

Principal Researcher

Research Officer