SUN Business Network Evaluation

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A joint team from Mokoro and The Partnering Initiative (TPI), led by Matthew Smith, conducted an evaluation of the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Business Network (SBN).

SBN is a global platform for business and nutrition – with a wide membership of over 600 multinational and national companies across its networks. The SBN is one of four networks integral to the SUN Movement (along with the United Nations, Civil Society and Donor Networks).

This independent evaluation sought to assess the relevance, internal consistency, and feasibility of the SBN theory of change at the global and national levels, and also to assess progress across the impact pathway, from output through impact level. A theory-based mixed-methods evaluation was used, which included an extensive review of relevant documentation and in-depth interviews with key role-players (more than 100 were consulted at both global and national level).

Seven desk study reviews were conducted of SBN, in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Three Case Studies of SBN were conducted in country in Zambia, Indonesia, and Mozambique. Key findings from the evaluation were presented at the 2019 SUN Global Gathering in Nepal.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Matthew Smith

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Principal Researcher

Principal Consultant

Lilli Loveday, Dave Prescott (TPI), Todd Kirkbride (TPI), Live Raphael (TPI)