Gender guidelines to be distributed in all 330 districts of Mongolia

  • 30 March 2021

Mokoro is delighted to share stand-alone online versions of collaborative ‘gender guidelines’ in English and Mongolian with the global land community today. The documents comprise specific technical guidance to strengthen gender-sensitivity and overall inclusiveness of vulnerable groups within Mongolia’s existing public consultations process during medium-term soum development planning, based on the research tools and methodologies developed and used by the Women’s Land Tenure Security project (WOLTS). The ‘gender guidelines’ are the result of a successful collaboration between the Mongolian government Agency for Land Administration and Management, Geodesy and Cartography (ALAMGAC), Mokoro Ltd, and WOLTS project partners, People Centered Conservation (PCC) – a Mongolian NGO – and they have also been included within the latest printing of ALAMGAC’s soum land management planning manual with Mokoro’s support.

Importantly, these new ‘gender guidelines’ provide an example of how to mainstream attention to gender issues – as well as issues for all vulnerable groups – within broader land management planning processes, in a highly participatory, consultative and collaborative way. We hope they will be of interest and relevance to those engaged in local land management planning in other pastoralist regions of the world, as well as to the global community of practice around women’s land rights. We warmly welcome feedback and comments.

The ‘gender guidelines’ are available in English here and in Mongolian here, and the full Mongolian medium-term soum land management planning manual is available in Mongolian here. An article about the collaboration is available here.