• 11 February 2000

Mentions new food security programme, transfer of state land, land tenure, land reform grant, new approach, commonage, agricultural redistribution grants, integrated rural development planning. Will facilitate ...

  • 11 February 2000

A response to the Minister’s Briefing (below). Asks who is land redistribution really serving. Challenges false dichotomy between commercial and subsistence agriculture. Need for government programmes to be open ...

  • 11 December 1999

Summarises the results of recent research into tenure insecurity and policy implications. Argues that legislation is needed to confirm people’s rights.

  • 11 December 1999

Martin Adams has been seconded in recent years to the South African Department of Land Affairs. Here he examines the content and fate of the Land Rights Bill and the recent political opposition to it.

  • 11 June 1999

The authors currently work for the tenure reform group within the South African Department of Land Affairs. Their paper provides an overview of South African land reform policy, its scope (redistribution, ...

  • 11 February 1998

Includes background, tenure arrangements, women and land tenure, customary marriages, the land issue after apartheid, criticisms of the legislation, the relationship of land legislation to customary law, recommendations.

  • 11 March 1997

Covers new integrated approach and new partnerships, new laws, some setbacks to land claims, targeting of church and unused land for redistribution, tenure reform, and developments with project partners.