Report on the proceedings of the National Conference on Women’s Land and Property Rights and Livelihood in Namibia, with a Special Focus on HIV/AIDS

July 2005
Namibia Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare and FAO

Report divided into 5 themes: legal issuers of women’s rights to land and property in Namibia; traditional institutions on women’s land and property rights; HIV/AIDS, land and property rights, and livelihood strategies; Namibian experiences; regional experiences (Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe). 6 group discussions on: sensitisation and paralegal training; legal and policy reforms to secure women’s rights to movable and immovable property; establishment of local institutions and mechanisms to protect and strengthen women’s land and property rights; HIV/AIDS and women’s land and property rights and livelihood; potential projects and programmes for food security and livelihood strategies; specific support to orphans and other vulnerable children.