Guiding MDBs on Value for Money

A conceptual framework

African Development Bank, Desk based

Delivering value for money (VfM) is central to multilateral development banks’ (MDBs’) mandate. To improve their understanding of VfM, AfDB, on behalf of a group of MDBs, are commissioned a conceptual framework to guide them in the way they measure and report on VfM both individually and collectively.

Mokoro provided two consultants, Robrecht Renard and Stephen Lister, to provide a conceptual framework to clarify the meaning of VfM, and its relationship to the more familiar DAC evaluation criteria, in particular efficiency and effectiveness, and to guide the MDBs in embedding VfM in corporate monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The draft concept paper was discussed at an MDB workshop in London, and the final version is expected to be published by all participating MDBs.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant and Director

Robrecht Renard