Approaches to measuring climate change resilience

Monday 11 July 2016

The Old Music Hall, Oxford, OX4 1JE

Mokoro were pleased to partner with the Food Economy Group for a joint discussion on the approaches to measuring climate resilience.

The global response to climate change has been stumbling over the challenge of defining and measuring resilience and adaptation in an objective and operational fashion. Mokoro and the Food Economy Group have been working on this challenge from different perspectives. Mokoro’s work has focused on defining and measuring how development programmes deliver additional benefits in the form of reducing loss and damage from climate change. The Food Economy Group have been focusing on defining and measuring the extent to which households are resilient to external threats, including climate change. Mokoro’s seminar considered the importance and nature of the global challenge and explored the common ground between the two perspectives and how each approach could enrich the other.

Coordinators: Stephen Turner


Stephen Anderson
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Mark Lawrence
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Kit Nicholson
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