Zimbabwe Country Strategic Plan – Mid-Term Review

WFP, Zimbabwe

Mokoro provided a team led by Stephen Turner to carry out this mid-term review (MTR) of the performance and results of the WFP Country Strategic Plan (CSP) in Zimbabwe, providing an assessment of progress and results against intended CSP outcomes and objectives. The MTR’s principal focus is internal learning, identifying strengths and weaknesses in performance and providing evidence-based findings that can guide future decisions about the implementation of the CSP and its thematic emphasis, as well as suggestions for the next Zimbabwe CSP.

The MTR covered WFP’s programmes that are focused on addressing root causes, crisis response and resilience-building. In light of recent environmental disasters, including three years of El Niño-induced drought followed by torrential rainfall caused by Cyclone Idai, progress towards reducing WFP’s humanitarian activities in Zimbabwe has slowed. The MTR looked at the thirteen activities WFP Zimbabwe operate relating to 6 strategic outcomes that include meeting food needs, reducing child stunting, increasing smallholder farmers’ access to markets, achieving food security and building resilience of vulnerable households, supporting the development of social protection systems, and building efficient supply chain services for partners.

The MTR used a mixed methods approach in addressing evaluation questions. This included a literature review, review of secondary data, key stakeholder interviews, field visits to develop an understanding of WFP activities through interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders including WFP in-country partners, as well as workshops with WFP staff.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Turner


Penny Chideme