Zambia Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability assessment

DFID, Zambia

The Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability (PEMFA) Programme has been used as a vehicle by the Government of Zambia (GoZ) to implement a comprehensive programme of reform efforts in the area of public expenditure management and financial accountability. The intended outcome of PEMFA is that capacity will be increased and the GoZ will be able to deliver pro-poor government services that are responsive to the needs of the public.

Mokoro provided a consultant to complete the initial draft of a comprehensive Public Financial Management Performance Report (PFM-PR), prepared according to the PEFA methodology, to provide an analysis of the overall performance of the PFM systems of Zambia.

The aim of the 2012 PEFA Assessment was to establish the status and changes in PFM performance compared to previous PEFA assessments (conducted in 2005 and 2008). The assessment is envisaged to be used in the short-term as a basis for information and monitoring, in the medium-term to support reflection and updating of PEMFA and PFM documents, and in the long-term to document best practices and lessons learned for achieving a robust PFM system.

The people behind the project

Mary Betley