UNDP Occasional Paper: Land-Water Interactions

UNDP, Multi country

The UNDP’s Human Development Report on Water was published in 2006 and explored how rising populations, economic development and resource depletion, including climate change, threatens access by the poor to water for direct consumption and productive use.

Mokoro Principal Consultants, Martin Adams and Elizabeth Daley, and Associate, Jeremy Berkhoff, researched and developed a background paper on the linkages between land and water tenure arrangements and management across Africa. The paper examined the effects of development interventions that have separated and conflated the land and water rights of poor producers.

The background paper was published as an Occasional Paper by UNDP and was entitled ‘Land-Water Interactions: Opportunities and Threats to Water Entitlements of the Poor in Africa for Productive Use’.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Martin Adams

Principal Consultant

Jeremy Berkhoff