Uganda Poverty Eradication Action Plan evaluation

Danida and Government of Uganda, Offices of Prime Minister, Uganda

In 1997, the Government of Uganda endorsed the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) as the comprehensive national development planning framework aimed at guiding public action to eradicate poverty in Uganda. The PEAP long-term strategic objectives include reduced income poverty and inequality, improved human development and increased GDP growth and it the Plan is designed to span a 20-year period from its inception.

June 2007 marked 10 years of PEAP implementation, the mid-point towards the targets sets for 2017. Mokoro macroeconomist, Charles Harvey, provided review of the performance of the PEAP for the year 2005/2006, identifying lessons and implications of this performance for the following 2006/07 period, as well as in the longer term.

The primary objective of the mid-term evaluation was to determine the effectiveness of the PEAP as the framework for achieving the eradication of poverty in Uganda as a basis for determining the most effective strategy for moving forwards.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Charles Harvey