Technical assistance to the PSNP donor group for the food security programme review

World Bank, Ethiopia

The New Coalition for Food Security, formed in 2003, was a landmark in the evolution of approaches to address food insecurity in Ethiopia. In order to take forward the agenda of the New Coalition, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) developed the Food Security Programme (FSP). Donors’ support to the FSP has been largely channelled to the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), and a review of the FSP was completed early in 2009.

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Catherine Dom, provided support to the donor group through peer reviewing key review, discussion and strategic option papers leading to the formulation of the second phase of the Ethiopian Government’s Food Security Programme (including the largest safety net of Africa).

The consultant also provided technical inputs into the draft FSP formulation document, including the technical annexes. This included reviewing draft documents and providing written comments to the PSNP Donor Group. The consultant commented on the subsequent draft of the FSP document prepared by the technical committee in response to comments received from a multi-stakeholder workshop.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant