Technical Assistance on Land and Customary Tenure Issues in Indonesia

FAO Indonesia, Indonesia

The assignment brief was to carry out a series of studies ahead of working with the government of Indonesia land ministry to develop or revise its approach to land policy and programming. The assignment ran from July 2021, concluding in February 2023, and was split into six deliverables that can be arranged into ‘context’ reports and ‘programme development’ outputs. The context reports involved an assessment of current Indonesian land legislation; an assessment of international frameworks on land governance; and comparative material from titling and similar programmes from other countries. This work then fed into suggestions for future land strategy for the government and the development of a concept note for possible new cooperation between FAO and the government. After a workshop to discuss the ’context’ report findings, it was agreed with FAO and government to group the final three reports into a single output four entitled ‘Summary of findings and implications for land policy strategy’, which is yet to be published.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Christopher Tanner

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Mohamad Shohibuddin, Stephen Turner (QS)