Technical assistance for policy support to the EC-Namibia country strategy

World Bank, Namibia

The purpose of the technical assistance was to assist the Government of Namibia (GRN) and the EC to ensure effective programming and monitoring of European Development Fund (EDF) resources in accordance with the Contonou Agreement and the developing policy environment.

The specific objectives of the contract was; to develop mechanisms for an effective review of the strategy for the 9th EDF by supporting the mid-term, operational and end of term reviews; to identify areas for future interventions; to strengthen the effectiveness of programmes under the 9th EDF and; to assist the GRN in addressing critical policy issues consistent with international practice for aid to become more policy-based and supporting the strengthening of public financial systems.

Mokoro provided a specialist team and the contract operated as a drawdown facility for undertaking consultancy assignments identified by the GRN and EC Delegation in Namibia. Six assignments were commissioned under the contract, some of them involving follow-up inputs.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant

Mary Betley, Andrew Bird, Ann Bartholomew, Richard Johnson, Adam Pain, John Virtue