Tanzania Country Portfolio Evaluation 2011-14

WFP, Tanzania

WFP Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPE) evaluate the performance and results of the portfolio as a whole and provide evaluative insights to make evidence-based decisions about positioning WFP in a country and about strategic partnerships, programme design, and implementation. This evaluation included all WFP activities implemented in the country during the 2011- 2014 period. The CPE was an opportunity for the Country Office to benefit from an independent assessment of its operations in order to optimise alignment of a new Country Strategy to the WFP Strategic Plan 2014–2017, at a time when the second UN Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP) and Tanzania’s 2016–2021 Five Year Development Plan were being prepared.

Mokoro provided a team to conduct the evaluation against three questions: i) portfolio alignment and strategic positioning; ii) factors that have driven WFP’s strategic decision making; and iii) performance and results. In addition to meetings in Dar es Salaam, evaluation team members visited five Regions in Mainland Tanzania (Arusha, Dodoma, Manyara, Singida and Kigoma). The team augmented the review of available data and documents with extensive interviews and discussions with over 300 people connected with the portfolio.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Turner

Principal Consultant

Anne Bossuyt, Christopher Leather, Edward Mhina, Amanyile Mahali