Sustainable Development Goals Fund Financing Proposal

UNICEF Jamaica, Jamaica

The aim of this assignment was to support UNICEF Jamaica to prepare a financing proposal to access funding from the UN Joint Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Fund to support countries as they accelerate their progress toward the SDGs. UNICEF Jamaica in collaboration with UNDP supported the Government of Jamaica to prepare a joint proposal for this call.

Adrienne Shall, Mokoro Associate, with the support of Alta Fölscher as Quality Support, led a consultative process involving UNICEF; UNDP; the Planning Institute of Jamaica; the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information; and the Ministry of Finance and Public Service to deliver a high quality funding proposal. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was conducted remotely. Skype meetings were held with numerous stakeholders to gather relevant information for the proposal.

The output was the development of a proposal outlining activities and costing for providing support to the health and education ministries to: (i) improve the implementation of results-based budgeting; (ii) conduct diagnostic budget analyses; (iii) develop financial simulation models; and (iv) assist the finance ministry to develop a budget tracking system to identify spending on priority Vision 2030 and SDG targets. UNICEF Jamaica reported back that they were very grateful for the support received and that the funding proposal had been approved in its entirety without any changes.



Photo used taken by grassrootsgroundswell on FlickR

The people behind the project

Project leader: Adrienne Shall