Supporting Cambodia’s Long Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality

Provision of economics expertise

UNDP, Cambodia

Mokoro provided the economics team for the preparation of Cambodia’s Long Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality (LTS4CN). The economics team was in addition to six other teams (the core mitigation team, four sector teams, and an adaptation team) collaborating on the strategy development.

The Long Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality was prepared ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP-28. The strategy aims to serve as a roadmap based on a comprehensive analysis and modelling of all relevant economic sectors looking several decades into the future. It outlines priority mitigation actions for each sector to achieve the country’s goal of a carbon neutral economy in 2050.

The core role of the economics team was to assess the costs and benefits of each of the proposed actions and then to aggregate these to deliver estimates of the national impact. This required close collaboration with the sector teams to ensure the economics team had a good understanding of the nature of each action. This enabled the team to undertake a cost benefit analysis of each action.

Photo by James Wheeler published under the Unsplash licence.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Kit Nicholson

Principal Consultant

Kakada Dourng, Kimty Seng, Ray Purcell (Quality Support)