Support to Irish Aid’s Public Financial Management working group

Irish Aid, Multi country

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Stephen Lister, provided support and advice to an Irish Aid internal working group on public finance management that was mapping Irish Aid’s progress on use of country public financial management (PFM) systems and preparing best practice guidance in this area.

The consultant’s role was to combine that of mentor and advisor to the working group with playing an active role in the elaboration and writing up of the guidelines. He assisted in preparing final outputs and presenting them to senior management.

Guidance and advice was provided in areas including; approaches to analysing, assessing and tracking budgets at country and sector level; assessing PFM systems prior to engagement at national or sector level; assessing development and progress on building effective PFM systems over time; assessment of audit (internal and external); assessment of overall governance environment and specifically corruption and anti-corruption efforts; development of an Irish Aid systematic approach to assessment of  country systems that will facilitate decision making.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant and Director