Study of sector budget support in practice

DFID, Multi country

Sector Budget Support (SBS) is an aid instrument thought to focus donor influence and impact by concentrating on sector-specific objectives more than is possible under General Budget Support (GBS). Given that in 2008 there had been little cross-country cross-donor lesson-learning from SBS experiences and that SBS was being used more frequently, often as a complementary modality alongside GBS, The Strategic Partnership with Africa Task Team wanted to review the recent experience.

Mokoro joined an ODI-led team undertaking this review of Sector Budget Support in Practice for the Strategic Partnership with Africa. The work involved ten case studies in six countries and five sectors, a broad literature review and a study of HQ accountability requirements.

The report aimed to draw on the experience of SBS to guide future improvements in policy and practice by partner countries and donors and the team produced a Good Practice Note drawing on evidence gathered from several case studies.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Ann Bartholomew, Mailan Chiche, Karolyn Thunnissen