Strengthening the governance of climate change finance

to benefit the poor and vulnerable in Asia and the Pacific project – Mid-term review

UNDP, Thailand

Strengthening the Governance of Climate Change Finance to Benefit the Poor and Vulnerable in Asia and the Pacific (2012-2016) is a regional project implemented by UNDP and supported by the Government of Sweden. It aims to strengthen fiscal policies and budgeting processes to ensure that responding to climate change is at the centre of public investment planning in countries of Asia and the Pacific. The programme has a three-year time span and is focused on four pilot countries; Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. The project also uses regional networks to strengthen international discussion over the channelling of climate finance to the country level.

Mokoro associate, Liv Bjornestad, joined a team undertaking the Mid-Term review of the project. The aim of the mid-term review was to identify potential project design problems, assess progress towards the achievement of project objectives and identify and document lessons learnt.

The review also made recommendations regarding specific actions that might be taken to improve the project implementation and approach. The assignment involved a field trip to Thailand in November 2014 along with the Climate Responsive Budgeting regional workshop.

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The people behind the project

Liv Bjornestad