Somalia sustainable employment and economic development programme

Annual review

DFID, Somalia

The Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED) programme in Somalia, implemented by the FAO and the World Bank over a four-year period, aimed to improve economic and employment prospects for people in conflict affected communities, with the goal of improving stability in Somalia through economic growth and sustainable employment. The programme targeted women and young people in particular.

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Ray Purcell, was part of the team undertaking an annual review of the second phase of the programme (SEED II), assessing the overall progress and impact made by SEED II and the extent to which it is on track to achieve log frame results.

The review was intended to identify the achievements as well as constraints to implementation, suggest possible mitigation measures, make recommendations that would speed up progress and achievement of log frame objectives, and summarise key recommendations for management action.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant