Rwanda agriculture sector Public Expenditure Review

DFID, Rwanda

This was the first PER of the agriculture, livestock and forestry sector in Rwanda. The objective of the PER was to review the relationship between public expenditures and policy priorities for the agricultural sector, examine the effectiveness and efficiency of public expenditures in the sector and introduce the PER as a standard strategic tool for public expenditure planning and management in the sector.

Mokoro Principal Consultant Ray Purcell led a team to prepare the PER report. They presented background material on key sector and poverty features, and on the policy context for the sector, leading to a focus on policy priorities for public spending. The expenditure analysis concentrated on the recurrent and development budgets, and then on an integrated, programme based analysis.

Out of the analysis of expenditure information, key expenditure and strategy issues were reviewed, and recommendations made. The PER included an analysis of the performance and poverty impact of public services.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant