Review of the common approach to budget support in Malawi

DFID, Malawi

The Common Approach to Budget Support (CABS) is a joint mechanism developed by a group of donors to provide budgetary support to Malawi. CABS funding is provided on an assessment of public finance management reforms, economic management, good governance and a good track record of human rights in Malawi.

The main objective of this review was to take stock of the successes and short-comings of finance channelled through the CABS mechanism for providing budget support to the Government of Malawi; including the Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) ), the Joint Framework Agreement (JFA), and the processes put in place to improve dialogue and co-ordination between all partners. The aim was to make recommendations for improving current arrangements by reviewing the CABS financing instrument as well as its processes.

Mokoro associate consultant, Sarah Holloway, reviewed documentation from recent CABS reviews and held meetings with main representatives of GoM, CABS members, civil society and MPs.

The people behind the project

Sarah Holloway