Review of programme management and monitoring

Sunarma, Ethiopia

Sunarma (Sustainable Natural Resource Management Association) is an Ethiopian NGO based in the UK and Ethiopia working toward bringing sustainable solutions to Ethiopian farmers. Sunarma had grown quickly by 2008 with two main projects supporting rural livelihoods and natural resource management. With a growth in funding, the organisation struggled to complete work within budget and in a timely fashion, in part due to staffing issues and difficult government administration.

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Peter Oates, undertook a review of Sunarma’s management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems with one of the objectives being to improve the quality and efficiency of project reporting.

The review was carried out in three stages with an initial scoping mission in Ethiopia to assess the needs and priorities for improving monitoring and reporting methods and the system for self-evaluation. Recommendations were produced for new reporting formats and assistance was provided in the setting up of new monitoring procedures to better aid organisational operation.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Peter Oates