Research study on value for money in agricultural financing

CABRI, Multi country

In 2013 the Collective African Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) was in the process of undertaking a programme of activities to improve sector budgeting, including dialogues, studies and action plans. Agriculture financing is the fourth sector to be addressed under this programme.

Phase 1 of the work on Value for Money in Agricultural Financing involved studies on two main themes: the efficiency of agricultural expenditure and the policy challenge. Further phases dealing with agricultural budget methods and innovative financing and value for money were also planned.

Mokoro provided a team under the leadership of Kit Nicholson to undertake a research study in preparation of two keynote papers addressing Value for Money dimensions. The research focused on two case studies in Ethiopia and Uganda. These provided materials for a dialogue event held in Senegal, bringing together officials and non-government agriculturalists from nine African countries.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Kit Nicholson

Drake Rukundo, Raya Abagodu