Research study on using pooled funds in fragile and conflict-affected states

DFID, Multi country

DFID commissioned research into the use of pooled funding to support service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS). The aim of the research was to distil practical knowledge from existing studies and, in particular, to capture practitioner experience on the design and implementation of pooled funds.

Three Principal Consultants joined the research team, with the aim of producing an updated summary of current knowledge and knowledge gaps in a policy briefing note and a more detailed practical guidance for those working on establishing and managing pooled funds for service delivery in FCAS.

The research team reviewed existing literature and selected 16 pooled funds for detailed review which covered a variety of countries, fund managers, and approaches to service delivery. The team’s review of case-study documentation was supported by extensive interviews with people involved in the case study funds, and sought to learn equally from successes and failures.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Anthea Gordon

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant and Director