Research study on using country systems in Africa

CABRI, Global

The purpose of this research study was to increase the knowledge of CABRI members, and other African countries, of the different practices of the main donors in the use of country systems for aid delivery, with the intention of strengthening recipient Governments’ bargaining positions as a means of promoting the use of country systems.

Mokoro provided the full team for this assignment which involved a cross-country scan of country-level practices with regards to the use of country systems, as well the practices of the ten biggest donors in Africa, supplemented by in-depth country case studies in Tanzania and Burundi.

The study paid particular attention to donor practices, incentives, risks and attitudes at country level in respect to the use of country systems, and how these differ from the incentives at headquarters level. The research also looked at the ways in which Project Implementation Units (PIU)s are used, and how they interact with the use of country systems.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Alta Folscher

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Mark Minford, Ann Bartholomew