Republic of Congo Country Portfolio Evaluation 2009-2012

WFP, Republic of the Congo

WFP have been present in the Republic of Congo (RoC) since 1964. Given the volatility of the sub-region, most of WFP’s interventions since the 1990s have focused on emergency needs in response to influxes of refugees.

Mokoro provided a team to conduct an evaluation covering WFP’s operations in the Republic of Congo (RoC) from 2009 to 2012, which constitutes a total of nine operations. The entirety of WFP activities in RoC were evaluated against three evaluation questions: i) portfolio alignment and strategic positioning; ii) factors that have driven WFP’s strategic decision-making; and iii) performance and results.

This Country portfolio evaluation (CPE) is designed to inform the development of a new country strategy document and country programme. The evaluation was carried out with two fieldwork trips in 2013. The main points of reference for the evaluation approach were the five Strategic Objectives from the WFP Strategic Plan (2008–2013), the principal outcomes across the component areas and the cross-cutting themes of the portfolio and the evaluation questions set out in the terms of reference.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Muriel Visser

Principal Consultant

Anthea Gordon, Stephen Turner