Sustainable Employment and Economic Development programme

Project completion review

DFID, Somalia

The Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED) programme in Somalia, implemented by the FAO and the World Bank over a four-year period, aimed to improve economic and employment prospects for people in conflict affected communities, with the goal of improving stability in Somalia through economic growth and sustainable employment. The programme targeted women and young people in particular.

Following on from previous review work supporting the SEED programme, Principal Consultant Ray Purcell joined a Coffey-led team for the programme’s Project Completion Review (PCR).

The objective of the PCR was to validate the achievements that have been made with respect to the targets set out in the programme’s logframe and to provide recommendations for future programmes. The PCR also aimed to asses Value for Money performance and to determine whether crosscutting issues such as gender, youth and conflict were taken into account. This assignment was carried out through a field mission to Somalia in January 2015.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant