PEFA impact assessment

World Bank, Desk based

The second part of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Monitoring Report in 2007 constituted a PEFA assessment which aimed to assess the impact of adopting the PEFA Framework for Public Financial Management (PFM) performance assessments at the country level.

Mokoro provided a consultant, Mary Betley, to carry out a study monitoring the impact of the implementation of the PEFA framework on the objectives of the Strengthened Approach to Supporting PFM reform.

The impact assessment specifically explored; the number and nature of PFM assessments being undertaken; country leadership in preparing the PFM assessments and ownership of the reports; use of the PFM assessment for dialogue on the need for PFM reforms; coordination of support from donor agencies and alignment with the government’s PFM strategy; and the government’s adoption of the PEFA Framework as a basis for monitoring the results of the PFM reform programme.

The people behind the project

Mary Betley