Palestine: Evaluation of the capacity and institution building project at the office of the President

Sida, Palestine

The Capacity and Institution Building (CIB) project at the Office of the President (OoP) began in 2007, with some components extended until 2010. The overall aim of the project was to increase the capacity of the OoP though the training of its personnel and through reform of its current systems in order to develop a modern, efficient and sustainable institution with the technical capacity and improved operational support to meet the needs of the Oop, empowering them to provide best services to all beneficiaries.

Mokoro provided two consultants, Trish Silkin and Peter Oates, to assess and evaluate the performance of the completed CIB project against expected and agreed project goals and to put forward clear recommendations on how to improve sustainability of project results and possible further development potentials related to the original project goals.

The evaluation involved a comprehensive document review, key informant interviews as well as a stakeholder feedback session.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Peter Oates

Trish Silkin