Palestine Country Portfolio Evaluation 2011 – 2015

WFP, Palestine

WFP Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPE) evaluate the performance and results of the portfolio as a whole and provide evaluative insights to make evidence-based decisions about positioning WFP in a country and about strategic partnerships, programme design, and implementation. This evaluation included all WFP activities implemented in the country during the 2011- Mid 2015 period. The CPE was an opportunity for the Country Office to benefit from an independent assessment of its operations in order to optimise alignment of a new Country Strategy to the WFP Strategic Plan commencing in 2016.

Mokoro led a multi-disciplinary team to assess the results of the WFP portfolio in Palestine (2011 to mid- 2015) and the appropriateness of the current Country Strategy (2015-2016). The evaluation focused on the strategic positioning of WFP’s portfolio, the factors and quality of strategic decision-making and the performance of the portfolio overall. Data gathering included three weeks’ fieldwork in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. The final report was published in January 2016.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Turner

Principal Consultant

Trish Silkin, Amer Madi and Heidi Tavakoli