MCA Mozambique land institutional review and capacity building

HTSPE, Mozambique

The objective of the Land Component of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA-Mozambique) is to establish more efficient and secure access to land for men and women. The Component will facilitate a program of improvements in land administration and land rights registration systems through an integrated program of institutional capacity building, and policy and legal reviews. The purpose is to implement the Land Component with a clear focus on the need to produce concrete economic impacts that are shared by the poor in each of the target provinces.

Mokoro Consultant Principal Consultant, Martin Adams, carried out a study with the objective of bringing together, and building on, the different pieces of work already conducted to provide an overview and analysis of the roles and functions of the existing land management and administration institutions and their capacity to deliver necessary services.

The study also provided an initial design and work plan for institutional capacity building, and proposed options for a new land governance structure.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Martin Adams