Stage 1: Long-term perspectives on development impacts in rural Ethiopia


World Bank, Ethiopia

WIDE (Wellbeing and Illbeing Dynamics in Ethiopia) is a three-stage longitudinal research study exploring how government policies and programmes from all sectors have been implemented since 2003 in twenty rural Ethiopian communities, and the impacts of these changes at the local level. WIDE aims to identify under what circumstances and why certain policies are, or are not, leading to sustainable development processes.

WIDE3 builds on extensive quantitative and qualitative research produced since 1995 in the same villages (WIDE1 and WIDE2). WIDE3 is a three-stage research programme which aims to conduct research of relevance to policymakers and practitioners. This first stage involved three Mokoro consultants working with 12 national researchers in 20 rural communities.

The objective for the first stage was to undertake a research programme to explore how government policies have been implemented since 2003 in these communities and the effects of wider modernization processes.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant

Pip Bevan, Alula Pankhurst