Lesotho food security advisor

CARE Lesotho, Lesotho

The Lesotho Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) originally covered the period 2004/5 – 2006/7 and was extended until 2011. The objective of the PRS was to articulate priorities and strategies for poverty reduction in Lesotho through economic growth and empowerment of the poor.

Mokoro Principal Consultant, Stephen Turner, provided inputs as a Food Security Component Adviser to the PRS over a series of repeat visits. The consultant’s role was to advise the Food Security Component Facilitator on ensuring that the component activities produced results that contributed to the objective of the PRS.

Tasks included briefing and advising Government of Lesotho management on the overall implementation, performance and direction of the Food Security Component and providing quality assurance on the performance of consultants.

The people behind the project

Stephen Turner