Kyrgyzstan country portfolio evaluation 2008-2012

WFP, Kyrgyzstan

WFP have been present in Kyrgyzstan since 2008 and with just three operations implemented in the period 2008-2012, represents one of their smallest portfolios of work. During this time, WFP’s operations in the country have gradually shifted from relief activities towards recovery and government capacity development.

Mokoro joined the Valid International-led team undertaking a Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE). This was the first independent evaluation of WFP’s work in Kyrgyzstan and as such, offered a rare opportunity to review how WFP opened an office and started emergency operations from scratch.

The evaluation served the dual objectives of accountability and learning and focused on: i) the alignment and strategic positioning of WFP’s operations in the country; ii) the drivers of strategic decisions; and iii) the performance and results of WFP operations.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Lewis Sida

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant and Director

Temir Burzhubaev