Joint evaluation of the REACH initiative

Renewed Efforts Against Child Hunger and Undernutrition

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The Renewed Efforts Against Child Hunger and Undernutrition (REACH) is the UN inter-agency initiative which aims to reduce maternal and child undernutrition in participating countries. REACH was initially intended to help countries accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goal 1 (target 3; to halve the proportion of underweight children under five globally by 2015) primarily through a public health oriented approach. This approach evolved over time to reflect an evolving broadened multi-sectoral approach which was articulated also in the 2013 Lancet Series.

Mokoro provided a team, led by Principal Consultant Muriel Visser, to undertake a multi-country evaluation of the REACH initiative.

The objective of the evaluation was to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of REACH, as well as the effectiveness of the REACH secretariat, processes and coordination arrangements, governance and partnerships at all levels. The evaluation included eight in-depth country case studies (Ghana, Uganda, Nepal, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Bangladesh), in addition to global level data collection.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Muriel Visser

Principal Consultant

Liv Bjornestad, Anthea Gordon, Stephen, Turner, Lilli Loveday, Mirella Mokbel Genequand