Irish Aid programme evaluation Timor-Leste 2001-2013

Irish Aid, Timor-Leste

Irish Aid supported the development of Timor Leste over a twelve year period, between 2001 and 2013. Irish Aid support was initially focused on emergency humanitarian aid after the departure of the Indonesian regime.

Mokoro provided a team to undertake an evaluation of Irish Aid’s programmes during that period of engagement. For Irish Aid this was the first time that an evaluation examined a country programme that had already been closed. The context in which Irish Aid supported Timor-Leste was one of the rationales for the evaluation, due to the continuing engagement of Irish Aid with fragile states globally, and the information and lesson learning which this evaluation could provide for future country strategies.

The evaluation focused specifically on the quality of the analysis that informed the programme strategies over the twelve-year period, the effectiveness and appropriateness of the modality choices, the results achieved and the focus on, and contribution to, reducing the risk of conflict.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant

Trish Silkin