IBP Climate Change Budgets – 4 Country Assessment

UNDP, Multi country

This assessment of accountability ecosystems for climate change finance was designed to inform efforts to support government and nongovernment actors in the Asia and Pacific region to design and reform systems of climate change finance. This is to ensure that systems can be improved to adequately address climate change including how funds meet climate-related needs of vulnerable populations. It was necessary to understand the landscape of climate change finance with specific evidence of how current climate resources are being managed by various state and non-state actors. The final objective was to identify future external interventions that could help ensure that accountability actors have adequate information and capacity to contribute to more effective use of climate change funds.

A principal challenge relates to the quite limited climate finance mechanisms and accountability systems currently in place in the four countries of focus – Nepal, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines – as well as low levels of capacity which contributed to inefficiencies in climate change expenditure.

In collaboration with the International Budget Partnership, a Mokoro team of Principal Consultants Alta Fölscher and Kit Nicholson conducted a mapping of what an effective climate finance accountability system should include, as well as undertaking desk-based and field assessments investigating each of the four focus countries: Nepal, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines.

The people behind the project

Principal Consultant

Kit Nicholson