GSMA Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities Programme Review

DFID, Desk-based

The Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities programme was launched in June 2013 with the purpose of delivering clean energy, water and sanitation systems to low-income communities by taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by high rates of mobile phone ownership in developing countries. The programme has three core components; i) the innovation challenge fund which supports Research and Development trials from private applicants, ii) background studies on the barriers, opportunities and trends in the sector, and iii) dissemination of research findings and to foster engagement from the mobile industry and other investors. As of 2016, the programme has supported 1,226,835 beneficiaries with improved energy and water access. The M4D Utilities programme currently has 21 projects live in 14 countries.

The Global Mobile Industry Association (GSMA) M4D Utilities Review was undertaken through the DFID CEIL PEAKS framework, in collaboration with IMC. Matthew Smith was the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialist on the two-person team. The objective of the review was to assess; 1)  the Innovation Fund Application process, 2) the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process of grantees, 3) grantee reporting and, 4) processes for sharing Innovation Fund Learnings. A second phase of work was then completed around the partnership log frame and the KPI methodology.

The people behind the project

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