Ghana general budget support

Formulation mission for 2014-2017 programme

Danida, Ghana

After more than a decade of general budget support by Danida to the Government of Ghana, this third phase of the Multi Donor Budget Support programme was an exit strategy, expected to assist Ghana in making the transition from an aid dependent country to a fully-fledged Lower Middle Income Country (LMIC).

Mokoro provided a team, led by Principal Consultant Stephen Lister, for the project formulation mission for this third stage. The programme included a component on improved Public Financial Management (PFM) to aid Ghana in becoming less dependent on aid programmes in a sustainable way for poverty reduction and partnership with Denmark.

The project consisted of two main components; General Budget Support comprising the Multi Donor Budget Support Group which was intended to support the Government of Ghana’s budget, as well as the implementation of priorities of its medium term development; and Public Financial Management aimed at supporting the implementation of reforms within the Ghana Revenue Agency.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Lister

Principal Consultant and Director

Charles Hegbor, Karolyn Thunnissen, Frans Ronsholt, Elizabeth Karjuki